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Kids Can Save the Planet - Community Screenings

For Individuals, Organizations, Corporations, Governments, Grass Roots Screenings

A Film by Dylan D'Haeze

80 minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 4 - Adult
Item #:KSP-1137

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Community Screening DVD - Single Site License
Full Set - Venue / Room Size 1-50 : $150
Full Set - Venue / Room Size 50+ : $350
Plastic is Forever - Venue / Room Size 1-50 : $79
Plastic is Forever - Venue / Room Size 50+ : $149
Tipping Point - Venue / Room Size 1-50: $79
Tipping Point - Venue / Room Size 50+ : $149
Everything Connects - Venue / Room Size 1-50 : $79
Everything Connects - Venue / Room Size 50+ : $149
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Dylan is a young filmmaker who took on a journey to learn all about plastic pollution and how it affects the planet. The success of his first film led him to create a series from a kid's perspective about environmental issues our planet is facing. His goal is to reach kids worldwide through the power of film and show them that they are not powerless, and that their daily actions will affect our future.

Dawn has always been an environmentalist and community organizer. As a producer of Rock Island Media, she taught her son, Dylan, all aspects of filmmaking during the KIDS CAN SAVE THE PLANET series, and also served as the supervising director and producer for the series

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Preview link available upon request. Contact [email protected] for more information

Plastic Is Forever, 19 minutes

Dylan D'Haeze, a young filmmaker from the San Juan Islands, follows plastic trash to where it ends up -- with some surprising results. He shows how kids can help make a difference in a world that is increasingly dependent on plastic.

Tipping Point, 26 minutes

Tipping Point explains climate change from a kid's perspective by exploring the way we humans have impacted the Earth. It's a multi-faceted look at the issue that even touches on how cows can change the weather!

Everything Connects, 35 minutes

The third film in the series explores how communities can develop zero waste strategies and also looks at how we can build a sustainable lifestyle not only for today but for future generations. Everything Connects shows kids how everything we do in our daily lives affects the planet, and how we can change our habits!

FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT: "What I hope to see is that people try and impact their lives. Like they cut down their input of plastic and carbon and really everything that is a real detriment to the environment. And I just hope that people try and make a difference in their lives to save the planet.

The next generation is really the hope of the planet. The adults of today aren't going to be around so it will be our next generation's turn when they take control of the planet. We're going to have kids in office and in different states of power, and we want them to have the knowledge about these problems and want to do something to stop it."
- Dylan D'Haeze

Preview link available upon request. Contact [email protected] for more information
Kids Can Save the Planet - Community Screenings
Kids Can Save the Planet - Community Screenings