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It's Criminal

A Film by Signe Taylor

78 minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 9 - Adult
Item #:ISC-1138

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Two worlds collide when Dartmouth College students meet with incarcerated women at a local jail in this transformational documentary about privilege, poverty, and injustice. It's Criminal highlights the wide economic and social inequality that divides the United States and offers a unique window into how two groups of women break down barriers and learn to speak to each other.

When twenty-four women come together to create a play based on the experiences of the jailed women, it starts with a clash of personalities and a level of distrust. From there, walls are broken down as the two groups communicate with each other, and the Ivy League students learn to look beyond their preconceived notions of the prisoners and gain an empathetic insight into the injustices of the United States criminal justice system. Likewise, the women of the correctional facility open up about their painful pasts and give voice to fragile -- yet still hopeful -- visions for their futures.

The film asks viewers to question the disparities that exist about those currently in the prison system and why.

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FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT: "I think one of the biggest dangers that's confronting our country, if that's not too highfalutin, is that we live in very segregated silos, that we are becoming more and more divided economically, ethnically, politically. So I think it's really easy, when you don't interact with people on a daily basis, to have prejudices, stereotypes, and fears. This film was my way of saying, let's listen to each other."
-Signe Taylor

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It's Criminal
It's Criminal

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