"Glassbreaker Films will bridge the gap between rigorous investigative reporting and powerful cinematic documentaries. These films, told from the unique perspectives of women filmmakers with full support from CIR's journalistic expertise...have the potential to engage across the ideological divide and make an impact. "

-Christa Scharfenberg, CIR Head of Studio

The Video Project is thrilled to offer this collection of four short films from the Center for Investigative Reporting. All four films are directed by renowned female documentarians and focus on women making a difference. The collection, available both as a set and individually, engages with some of the most relevant topics of our day, while also shining a lens on the past and its relationship with the zeitgeist.

Voting Matters

From Award-winning filmmaker Dawn Porter comes a potent treatise on the devastating impact of the Supreme Court's decision to repeal the Voting Rights Act. The film focuses on women working the polls in Ohio and documents the labyrinthine efforts required for US citizens to simply cast a ballot. As cries of "voter fraud" run rampant, the true danger to the American democracy is shown to be voter disenfranchisement.

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Freedom Fighters

Academy Award-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy tackles the state of women's rights in Pakistan. Three different stories are told, and reveal the ebb and flow of progress. While great strides are made by some in traditionally male fields, others devote themselves to uplifting those still trapped by forced marriage and indentured servitude in Pakistan's notorious brick kilns. Freedom Fighters challenges the notion of a linear path of progress, illuminating the hard work that must be done to create a more equitable society. Learn more >

The Terrorist Hunter

Ann Shin's profile of counter-terrorism expert Rita Katz is a startling expose on tactics used to "keep America safe". More and more the real work is placed in the hands of contractors like Katz, whose analysis can carry an out-weighted impact on military operations. With so much at stake, is it possible to set personal motivations and opinions aside in such intelligence operations?Learn more >

Nellie Bly Makes the News

Penny Lane adapts the animated documentary technique she made famous in "Nuts!" to tell the story of legendary muckracking reporter Nellie Bly. Initially written off by the industry, Bly earned her journalistic reputation by going to extreme lengths working undercover to reveal the ills of turn of the century society. The film is sure to inspire budding journalists while cautioning them against the challenges posed by the old guard. Learn more >

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