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Geothermal Energy: A Renewable Option

Introduces geothermal energy as a highly efficient, non-polluting, renewable energy option.

A Film by Marilyn Nemzer

22 Minutes

Grades 9 - Adult
Item #:GEO-979

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Geothermal energy is the immense resource of natural heat that is ever-generating inside the earth, which currently produces clean, reliable energy to dozens of nations around the world. The use of geothermal energy, like that of other renewables, helps conserve depleting fossil fuels, promotes sustainable economies, and contributes to energy security by decreasing dependence on imported fuels.

This fast-moving video is broken into three distinct sections. Part one reviews the history of energy use, energy resources, and current environmental issues, as well as introduces renewable energy sources, emphasizing wind and solar. Part two continues the discussion of clean renewables, outlining the science, technology and various valuable uses of geothermal energy. Part three discusses the history of government and utility energy source choices and explains how public policy in the United States affects development of renewable energy sources.

Geothermal Energy concludes with questions that inspire reflection about personal and social responsibility, leaving viewers informed and inspired to make simple choices as energy consumers that benefit us all.

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Geothermal Energy: A Renewable Option
Geothermal Energy: A Renewable Option

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