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Food for Thought

Food for Thought
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This video explains genetic engineering in our food supply.

A Film by Ed Schehl

36 Minutes

Grades 9 - Adult
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Do you know that many of the foods on our supermarket shelves - including most of the corn and soy and canola products - are genetically engineered? Did you know that scientists are crossing species that would never breed in nature, such as tomatoes and fish, or toads and potatoes? How do you feel about eating genetically altered food that actually is a pesticide?

None of these genetically engineered foods are tested or labeled by the government, yet many of us are unknowingly eating them every day. European countries are resisting what many people are branding as "Frankenfoods." In the U.S. the situation will only get worse until the American public demands the right to know which foods have been genetically altered.

The film interviews a number of farmers and scientists concerned about genetically altered crops. One farmer put the essential objection succinctly: we may be "releasing something into nature that cannot be recalled." Skepticism about these seeds' ability to "feed the world" is widely expressed; one scientist interviewed likens the claims made for bioengineered crops to the enthusiasm for DDT use in crops forty years ago and says that "silver bullets" often turn out to be "snake oil."

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Food for Thought
Food for Thought

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