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Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean

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A film by Curt Fissel and Ellen Friedland

40 Minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 7 – Adult
Item #:DEL-1074

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In a nation once plagued by Idi Amin’s reign of terror and intolerance, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Ugandan coffee farmers have come together to challenge historical prejudice and economic hurdles by forming the Delicious Peace Coffee Cooperative.

The cooperative has become a model for others, demonstrating how the interweaving of harmonious relationships with Fair Trade practices can substantially improve the lives of people who are economically challenged. In Delicious Peace, the Ugandan farmers opened their lives to the filmmakers for an intimate look at the struggles they face, the hopes they harbor, and the successes they have found.

Many lives in the world revolve around the coffee bean, the second-most traded commodity in the world. But coffee farmers face many challenges, from low prices on worldwide markets, to exploitative intermediaries and government policies that make exports difficult.

In 2003, a Jewish coffee farmer in a region of Uganda that has long produced some of the highest quality coffee in the world approached his Christian and Muslim neighbors and asked that they put aside their religious differences, as well as their pessimism about growing coffee, to create a new cooperative. Calling their brand “Mirembe Kawomera” (“Delicious Peace”), they partnered with an American Fair Trade buyer to bring this organic and kosher coffee to the U.S. market.

Today, as a result of good wages through Fair Trade, the farmers’ standard of living is improving, harmony is flourishing, and their message of peace and fair wages is spreading to their neighbors, as well as their coffee customers in the US.

Support Fair Trade - Host a Delicious Peace Party
Bring friends, family and your community together to screen the film and promote fair trade coffee, chocolate and other goodies.
Contact us at 1-800-4-PLANET.

Preview link available upon request. Contact [email protected] for more information
Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean
Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean

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