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Coral Sea Dreaming - Awaken

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A film by David Hannan

84 Minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 6 - Adult
Item #:COR-1042

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Coral Sea Dreaming - Awaken is a vivid, in depth exploration of one of the planet's great natural wonders – coral reefs – which harbor the greatest biodiversity of any ecosystem on earth. The story of coral reefs spans 500 million years and stars some of the most exotic and wondrous creatures on earth.

Emmy Award-winning cinematographer David Hannan filmed for 7 years on three great coral reef ecosystems to create this testimony to our extraordinary undersea world, set to an original score. We meet thousands of reef inhabitants, from ancient turtles to feeding sharks, adorable pygmy seahorses and savage sea slugs, witness a manta ray ballet and courting octopus.

Special High Definition technology captures life and death on the reefs with unprecedented intimacy, including coral spawning, elaborate courtship displays, mating rituals, feeding frenzies, nighttime predation and even cannibalism and "chemical warfare". Many of the sequences have never been filmed before. Some may never be filmed again.

Coral Sea Dreaming - Awaken
 is an informative celebration of the world’s coral reefs, now under threat from a variety of human challenges, including ocean warming and acidification caused by climate change.


The DVD includes three viewing options:

  • Documentary with a narration track
  • Video with pop-up text with creature identification or facts about ocean issues
  • Video and music only

Plus, two short behind the scenes films with producer David Hannan and composer Tania Rose.

Preview link available upon request. Contact [email protected] for more information
Coral Sea Dreaming - Awaken
Coral Sea Dreaming - Awaken

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