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China Quake

China Quake
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A film by Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ)

47 Minutes

Closed Captioned • Scene Selection

Grades 9 - Adult
Item #:CHI-1044

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China Quake is an engrossing investigation into the massive 2008 earthquake in China, one of the most destructive quakes ever recorded, and an introduction into the science behind seismic activity.

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake released a surge of energy that devastated an area the size of South Korea. In ninety unforgiving seconds, nearly 90,000 lives were lost, 5 million buildings were destroyed and 5 million people were left homeless. Dramatic video footage from the day of the quake and its aftermath, along with computer graphics, vividly illustrate the devastation and the mechanisms behind the megaquake.

China Quake follows a team of international scientists a year after the monster quake as they search for clues that will help solve the mystery of the massive, unexpected disaster. Was the Sichuan earthquake a freak of nature or a predictable tragedy waiting to happen? And what can be learned from the quake to help reduce the devastation in the future?

The scientists, including geologists, seismologists and engineers, use tools on the ground and in space to uncover the catastrophic chain of events that may have ruptured several faults at once. Among the scientists is Dr. Elizabeth Hausler, founder/CEO of Build Change, a nonprofit organization that teaches people in developing countries how to build earthquake resistant homes.

The discoveries of these scientists solves the mystery of the quake’s origins and scale, and will help save lives in the future wherever and whenever killer quakes strike around the world.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Hausler, Build Change
  • Dr. Eric Fielding, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
  • Dr. Tom Parsons, US Geological Survey
  • Professor Li Yong, Chengdu Univ. of Technology
  • Professor Xu Qiang

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China Quake
China Quake

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