Brittany Ferrell, star of our film Show Me Democracy, said last week that as we acknowledge history not to forget that so much lays ahead for black Americans, and it is in that spirit that we're celebrating Black Futures Month! Throughout February we'll be offering 15% off all the films in our African American studies collection with promo code BLACKFUTURES.

Show me Democracy chronicles Brittany's two-pronged struggle to advance civil rights through grassroots activism and civic engagement. In an era of unprecedented youth participation, Show Me Democracy is sure to help foster the next generation of change-makers.


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Artist Edythe Boone is a legendary muralist whose artwork has been celebrated far and wide as a powerful expression of black and female power for decades. A New Color checks in with her after the murder of her nephew, Eric Garner, as she reflects on a life of art and activism, while passing along her message through art education.


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