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Caviar Dreams

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A Film by Brian Gersten, Liv Dubendorf, & Wei Ying

15 minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 6 - Adult
Item #:CDR-1136

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Featuring Pulitzer Prize Winner Inga Saffron

Originally, caviar (i.e. sturgeon eggs) - the world's most desired delicacy - was a food of the poor. Over time, it became strictly reserved for the likes of Russian Czars and royalty throughout the world. Nowadays, it has become synonymous with wealth, fame, and indulgence. But why is that? What's so special about caviar?

Caviar Dreams delves into the complex world of caviar, weaving a tapestry of caviar tales that leaves you knowing more than you ever thought possible about this unique delicacy. Beyond the assumed glamour and luxury associated with caviar, we uncover a story of over-fishing, poaching, near extinction, and a quest for sustainability as we journey through the history, culture, and environmental impact of this status symbol.

FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT: "All of us have our own ideas about what caviar is, who eats it, and why it has the reputation it does. Some of us have tried it, some of us would like to try it, and others never have and never will. In any case - whether you’ve eaten caviar or not - this film can tell us a great deal about human nature, and can give us important insights into the relationship we have with our food. I think audiences will learn way more than they ever thought possible about caviar by watching the film."
-Brian Gersten

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Caviar Dreams
Caviar Dreams

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