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Bones of the Forest

Bones of the Forest
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This dynamically realized poetic documentary offers a politically provocative and sensually potent account of environmental devastation of the ancient

A Film by Velcrow Ripper

80 Minutes

Grades 9 - Adult
Item #:BON-762

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Bones of the Forest is told through the eyes of both native and non-native elders, placing deforestation into the context of colonization. Maintaining an even-handed tone, the filmmakers incorporate the views of loggers, alternative forestry practitioners, a former VP of logging giant MacMillan-Blodell, native elders and longtime protesters. The plight of loggers and their families, made redundant due to over-foresting, is included as yet another damaging social consequence of forestry policy.

Interwoven throughout the film is the dramatic experience of the sights and sounds of the threatened forest. Utilizing a host of cinematic techniques, from time-lapse photography to animation, and a gloriously descriptive and evocative soundscape, the power of Bones of the Forest grows from its quietly stated commitment to the significance of these lands and its respectful granting of a platform to those involved in the crisis. This second feature for Ripper and first for Frise is a major cinematic achievement and a powerful contribution in the fight for global environmental sense.

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Bones of the Forest
Bones of the Forest

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