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Becoming More Visible

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A Film by Pamela French

73 minutes

Grades 9 - Adult

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned
Item #:BEC-1123

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Are you Male or Female? For the four fearless young transgender adults featured in the film this is not a simple question. These four defy societal norms to be their true selves and become more visible. No transition is easy, but for some it is easier than for others.

Sean is a trans male comedian from a small affluent town in upstate New York. Katherine is a Bangladeshi trans girl from a family steeped in their cultural traditions. Olivia had to leave her family in Atlanta and enter the shelter system in order to be the woman she knows she is. The unforgettable Morgin is a fully transitioned woman pursuing her musical ambitions and attempting to make her way in the world.

BECOMING MORE VISIBLE shines a humanizing light on their different stories, both their struggles and their triumphs, and showcases the importance of having a steady support system. The film also briefly goes over the physical process some of them decide to take in transitioning.

BECOMING MORE VISIBLE seeks to help ignite the awareness and understanding needed to put an end to the discrimination of transgender young adults worldwide - to encourage society to see these young people for who they are today, not how they were born or choose to identify.

(LANGUAGE ADVISORY - Expletive and brief reference to male genitalia)


Schools and Community Groups that would like to do a public screening of the film, please contact us to license the necessary rights.

Producer Pamela French is available to speak at screenings of the film. Contact us for more information

Preview link available upon request. Contact [email protected] for more information
Becoming More Visible
Becoming More Visible

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