Two Video Project films were selected for screening at this week's American Psychology Association (APA) Annual Convention in Denver — HEALING A SOLDIERS HEART and FREE THE MIND.

Here are the APA's descriptions of the two films in the convention program, and links to order:

This documentary follows four Vietnam veterans with severe symptoms of PTSD who go on a courageous journey back to Vietnam to face the emotional demons that have been haunting them for close to 40 years. This profound story addresses healing, loss, and the rediscovery of the human soul. It is about forgiveness and psychospiritual catharsis. As one soldier stated, “When the pain comes back, our hearts come back.”

Can your rewire the brain through contemplative neuroscience? An extraordinary film featuring the pioneering work of Richard Davidson, PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison, about the potential of mindfulness meditation in treating preschool children and war veterans in overcoming effects of trauma.